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STIGMA ' FROM THE EAST" By Linkan Palenewen

Series Title: STIGMA |

INTRODUCTION: "From The East" 2022

Mix Media

(Original photos were taken with Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 and Ilfold Pan 100, printed on A1 luster papers.

Acrylics, markers, and gold leaf )

"From The East" is an introduction to Linkan Palenewen's

latest series: STIGMA. Linkan's art is her way to protest women's status in Indonesian modern culture that more or less leans toward patriarch ideology. "From The East" and "Stigma" is more focused on her own experience of how society is treating her on daily basis.

Lots of Indonesian women have been blasphemed by the public nowadays for what we choose to wear that is considered inappropriate and as quoted, "A disgrace in the eyes of our ancestors."

It is not rare people told her that we are not from the west,

that our culture requires us to cover our bodies.

By mimicking the style of vintage portraits of Balinese Women from the early 20th century, Linkan would love to bring up again the original Indonesian cultures which is the opposite of what society has been referring to.

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