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Veve Avenita Artists and Aspiring Lawyer

Aveninta Maria Rosalin is a girl, grew up in Borneo, and currently living one of her dreams to work asa lawyer in a metropolitan city, Jakarta.

She always understands that there is systematic oppression goes on around the table. Like mostgirls, she is a survivor, trying to fight any gaslighting which often comes attacking her, and remindin the world on what is morally ideal, at least for her.

She writes, teaches, paints, plays melody through her violin, named Whitney, and her unnamed inherited piano. But, no, she does not sing. She enjoys traveling abroad and locally, wherever to the extent that she wouldn't feel lonely again.

By the time she reached her stage of adolescence, she came to the conclusion that being highly recognised by people and having lots of money do not guarantee any happiness (as well as a solo traveling), but may result in lots of pressure. Further, by the time she turned 25, she decided to stop looking for happiness to the corner of the world since she found nothing but emptiness. She hates an exclusivity and gap particularly in between God's creations.

You may reach her through her Instagram @averosalin/ or

email, or kindly visit her blog

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